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So sorry I am behind these past couple of days- just been so busy, plus my computer is acting up. I will answer and reply to others after this post, which is my menu from yesterday and today. I still haven't eaten dinner yet- been so full from my breakfast/lunch, so I will edit it later to add it, if I have anything at all. I add these menus only to try and help others get some ideas on how to do this, especially if someone new to fiber counting comes along and joins us at a later time. Hopefully, it helps!

Yesterday's (Monday's) menu-


1 cup of orange juice- .05 grams
2 high fiber English muffins- 16 grams
peanut butter- half regular, half no calorie Walden Farms- 4 grams
1 and 1/2 tablespoons Polaner High Fiber Grape- 4.5
scrambled eggs
5 turkey sausage links (20 calories each)

total for breakfast/lunch- 25 grams


salad- 2 grams
lightly salted peanuts/raisin mix- 3 grams
pot roast sandwich on Arnold's Double Fiber bread with light mayo- 12 grams
Snyder's Eat Smart tortillas made with chia, flax, quinoa, and sesame seeds- 6 grams

total for dinner- 23 grams


okra chips- half a serving- 3 grams

total for the day- 51 grams

Today's menu-


1 small can LeSeur baby peas- 6 grams
1/2 large can of Garbanzo (chick peas)- 8.7 grams
spaghetti pie with high fiber spaghetti- 12.25
high fiber chewy chocolate granola bar- 10 grams

total for breakfast/lunch- 36.95 grams


half of a pot roast sandwich with mayo and mustard-
6 grams
half of a chicken sandwich with mayo- 6 grams
Snyder's healthy tortilla chips- 6
okra- 6

total for dinner- 24 grams

total for the day- 60.95 grams

The Wendie Plan in Calories:

starting over 3/19/16
first ten pounds lost achieved: April 3, 2016

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