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We had the best dinner tonight! So simple and fast! I've made it before but not this way. I rubbed salmon on both sides with curry, fresh ginger and black pepper. Then I heated some olive oil and sauteed garlic then cooked the salmon in it on an indoor, stovetop grill. I've had this grill for years but this is the first time I've used it. Sure glad I tried it. It uses water in a drip ring around the pan and the "grill" part fits on top. when the salmon was done (fast!) I removed it and sauteed some green peppers and onions to put on top. I also served some sliced cucumbers with it to cool things down (and I had a part cuke left and didn't want to waste it. I always feel so blessed when things work out like that. Served it with rice. Would have been even yummier with fried rice but I didn't want to bother as I was tired and so happy it was a fast meal.

Went to the gym this morning and I got a good workout. Then after a rest I did my weekly cleaning on my halls. Got my days mixed was supposed to be my office day :O :rolleyes LOL Hope you know I'm being silly! So did a little of both...I planned menus and grocery list for tomorrow but didn't clean the office. I've got three candles going in the hall now...and it looks so nice and smells good!

Also went to Lowes as dh needed to pick up some garden stuff and I wanted to look for a carpet cleaner. Of course we both said we will not buy one today, We are just looking. Well I am now the proud owner of a Bissell Carpet cleaner. Sure hope I like it...heck I hope I can even push the thing around when it's filled with water!! It's the Lift Away model which should be handy when cleaning upholstery etc. Will see. The sign said it was on sale, got to cashier and was told the sale was over yesterday but because they hadn't removed the signeage we got it at sale price! Plus dh's 10% for being military!

By the time I got home my legs were burning and my back ached. I'm not very good at wears me out. Needed a pick me up at the store and grabbed a bag of Reeses Pieces...haven't eaten those since the kids were home and they were never a favorite...but they sure tasted good. I shared a few with dh. Grabbed 3 pecan halves when I got home to be sure I had the 1-1-1-1 thing right..not sure I needed it though. So I actually had THREE snacks off plan there. My bs had been good except for the early am one but before dinner it was still high from this candy, so I really should have resisted the temptation.

My weight fell back down to my sig weight, so hope it stays now...I'm sick of the yo-yo.

Today's eating:
Kashi GoLean Crisp cereal - carb
milk - protein
pecans - 1 T - fat

PB mocha frappe - protein, carb and fat
fiber supplement

PM Snack
Apple - 1/2 - carb
PB - 1 T - fat
Cheese - 1/2 oz - protein

2nd Snack
Candy (probably 90% of it...dh had a little) - protein and carb
Pecans - 1/2 T - fat

salmon - protein
olive oil - fat
veggies - free
rice - 1/2 cup - carb
fiber supplement

Calories - 1394
Carbs - 135
Fat - 74H
Fiber - 25

Cajun - Isn't it great when our kids can cook! Our older son (who moved back near us last year) is a great cook! He's the one who prepared most of my birthday dinner and he has been known to come over and cook for us at other times too. Such a blessing! Both my dds are good cooks too. Your anniversary plans sound wonderful and what a nice gift your dh is giving you too by wearing his ring again!

Karen3 - Glad you are doing so well!

Bobbi - We had big fat robins in our front yard about a month ago, while there was still snow. Some other people had them too and it was on the news. This was a very different winter in many ways.

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