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Originally Posted by twolabs View Post
I have had great success losing the weight with IP in past. I did it in 2012 and lost 50 lbs in 4.5 months. I kept off most of year but gained about 17 back towards holidays. I restarted at new year in 2013 and lost it all again. I struggle with maintaining. And I am back up again. Except with 27 lbs back. It came back even with calorie counting (under 1200 cals a day). I know my metabolism is not strong, but I feel like my body is more susceptible to weight gain than ever. I live a low carb lifestyle overall and by no means am pigging out.

I am frustrated with this weight gain and really down on myself once again for letting these pounds come back. I even started running 3-4 miles 4 times a week to curb the gaining and that is working but I can't lose.

Here's the question- should I go back on it once again? and after weight loss implement increased exercise to avoid the gain back once I return to a semi- normal diet? I wonder if this diet has really affected my metabolism and if I can ever recover it?

Feeling discouraged!
If it were me I wouldn't do IP again. I'm not sure how low carbing affects your metabolism, but I would imagine it does. It seems you find maintenance difficult on IP, so I would suggest you try a different plan altogether. Perhaps one that allows you to eat the foods you love, in small portions while exericising. I lost and successfully kept off 35 lbs on Weight Watchers, my sister in law lost 70 and has kept it off for years and she doesn't exercise regularly. There are other plans out there, even though it's a slow process, you might find much more satisfaction from.

The only reason I am doing IP is to get the last few lbs off. Something I couldn't do on WW. Others I know though was able to get to goal and stay there. I did WW on my own for a month to maintain my weight loss on IP and did it successfully. I'm not advocating WW or any plan whatsoever, I'm just saying there are other plans out there that you might want to give a try.
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