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Originally Posted by ReenHag View Post
A quote from late yesterday:
"Also, I see some fellow teachers here ... how do you manage balancing the water input/output thing? I don't have pee breaks except before school, lunch, and after school. :\ The first day on IP was quite a challenge, just for that!"

Hi! I am in a lucky position at school, as I am about twenty feet from the teacher restroom. Another teacher or staff member is usually handy to keep an eye on my class for a moment. See if you can set up a situation like that. Explain to your admin that you are on a health program that requires you to use the restroom more often. Oh, and you do get used to it, at least I did. Let's just say my capacity is much greater than before IP!

I'm lucky I have a para and an aid, I work with special needs kids so we have lots of hands and we switch out. I try to go at any break but I usually take one or two potty breaks during class.
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