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Well I weighed in today. Very disappointed with the loss as everyone here seems to lose 7-10 lbs their first week. I lost as much as I have on herbal magic or weight watchers the first week. I lost 5 lbs but i weight more than I did when i started those programs. I'm older and peri menopausal but I was hoping for a 7 lbs weight loss. I am on week two and hoping for at least 2-3 lbs this week. I'm going to start walking on my treadmill if i Can find the time.

I'm amazed how I don't crave wine. On WW all I did was live for a weigh in so I could binge right after the weighin then starve for the rest of the week. it was a viscious cycle. Today I bought soup, wildberry shakes and some soy crips that aren't very good. I'm trying to train my mind to accept that food is temporarily off limits.

My coach is very supportive. Every time I ask her if she thinks I'll lose the weight she always says you will you will....i like that.

Is anyone here around my weight? 157 and needs to get down to 140? Let me know.
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