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Originally Posted by apennington View Post
Hello all! My name is Amber and this is my first time trying IP. I am in my 2nd week and I was down 8lbs. at my 1st weigh-in. I have been reading everyone's posts and accomplishments and it's a wonderful thing. It gives me the courage to go on to get where I want to be.
Congrats on the loss! You can do this - just follow the program and it will work!

Originally Posted by NJ_Desi_Guy View Post
Er.... 3FATChicks... and I am a guy here in this forum.. 1stly, Is this forum only for women? , wasnt sure about it..
But I started Ideal Protein diet on Sunday... and was looking to see how people track progress and face challenges....and overcome them..
Everyone is welcome! You'll find so much great information and support here, you'll love it.

Originally Posted by kfarnum View Post
Hello all! I am so excited to have decided to fight this battle once again. And totally nervous for failure! I first started with IP 2 1/2 years ago and lost almost 50lbs. I then sustained a shoulder injury that I battled for 6 months before having surgery, then a month later my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. We lost him in September after he fought a hard, graceful battle. Finally, in January I thought to myself, I am not ok. I am falling apart, and hadn't even cared to notice. My weight had skyrocketed to 300lbs. So I come to you with faith and hope for a better life, and determination to make this a life change for myself first, then my family. I hope to get to know many of you so we can encourage each other along the way, and pick each other up when needed. Last time I was too focused on all the foods I couldn't have on Phase 1, this time I am going to enjoy ALL the foods I can have. Almost done with day 2, and looking forward to the many more to come! Have a blessed evening everyone!
Sorry you lost your dad, that's hard. But good for you for starting up again. Sounds like you have the right attitude this time!

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