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Hi Everyone--BEAUTIFUL day here in Ohio. It got up to 70 degrees today. We have some cold and snow coming tomorrow but they say it will only be tomorrow and the temps will start to rebound. I'm counting on that!

I was able to get to the work gym yesterday and use the bike and I logged my food on MFP. I am going to meet my friend for a walk at 7 p.m tonight and enjoy what we can of the beautiful evening.

I actually left work on time tonight. I do need to log back on for about and hour tonight and do a report but that is ok. I am going to try to leave on time every night, unless something very important comes up and then I will get back on from home if needed. I think leaving on time and getting home earlier so that I have more time at home will be better for me. As it is, I work late, then go home, eat dinner and then work again. That isn't working for me. The money is nice in the paycheck but really, I'm ok with just getting a few hours of OT a week.

Happy: I hope the melt keeps going for you all. I know I was about at the end of my sanity when we had all that snow piled up.

The company I worked for is called TimberTech. They do have a website and you can check it out. Composite decking is more expensive than wood but it does have its advantages, as it is low maintenance. Meaning that you don't have to paint it or stain it. You do need to clean it, but it is usually easier than cleaning a wood deck. Depending on how your deck is constructed dictates the type of boards you should use. Can you take some pictures of your deck and post them here and I can give you some more information based on that. When taking the pictures, please give me ones from all sides of the deck.

Shad: That was some walk you took and I LOVE the pictures. The one with the rocks and the sea....I loved, loved, loved it.

Michelle: I had a friend who went to one of those hypnosis weight-loss things and it did help her loose some pounds. She said she thought it worked because she put "good thinking" into her mind and called it up often and it kept her motivated and working toward a purpose.

Glad to hear that Santa is doing better.

Ceejay: You get tomorrow in and you are looking at some days off...lucky you! What will you do with yourself? as for your SIL, I bet it is her gallbladder. I had mine out over 26 years ago and a friend of mine just had her's out last week. She went to the ER with chest pains and pain in her back, between her shoulder blades and it turned out to be her gallbladder.

Annie: It's good to see you here. Very, very exciting that Royce will be here soon and you have a friend coming.

Terra: What things are you seeing in the mall that you like for spring/summer?

Laura: Sounds like you got a great workout in last night. The book you are reading sounds interesting. I'm going to put it on my list to read.

Ok..time to head to the gym to meet my friend on the outside track. See you all tomorrow
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