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Glad all is well in your neck of the woods.

Did I read correctly, more wintery stuff!!!! It's been a beautiful day full of sunshine here and warmer temps here. Hope it stays that way.

I must be missing your posts.

Hi to Susie, Terra and Shad.

Not much going on here. Don't think my trainee likes his maintenance job, but they told me not to let him do anything that concerns my job. I've had to say no a couple of times. Almost done with this stretch of 60 hours. Tomorrow will be the last day this week.
Found out via FB that my sister from MO had to go to ER with chest pains. But she told me last night it was not her heart. They are doing a couple of more test, one for her stomach and one of her gall bladder. She said if it was her gall bladder it was coming out.
Going to try my luck at changing the battery on the monitor for the ADT system tonight. They told me to call them back to get a walk through.

That is a good way to stay in touch with your friends.
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