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whew you all have been busy ...

hhm, car rides are the worse especially if you have to drive. It's just easy to stick your hand in a bag and eat and not worry about what drops (or is that just me ) Your up is just water. Just get your water in to get it out I'm always rambling, ramble away

Arwen, on seeing 159 oh my goodness I can't wait Which diet are you using? How often do you exercise? I need some help here

JenteIsving I think it is because I already had my fix with the cake batter which I love. I will actually open a box of cake mix and pour a cup out a measured cup and add water if I want something really sweet. SAD I know. I didn't even finish the day our OP. My daughter came over and said she and her husband were going to iHop when he got off and I went. I had 3 regular pancakes with regular syrup. I think I was up 1.6lbs the next morning, smh. I may try it again without the toast and crackers. I am giving them up again (no pasta unless it is Shirataki, no rice, no bread, no junk) I hope to follow through with no mishaps. I want to be where Arwen is

TrayTeam, the French fry monster gets you too Glad you're still here with us but want you to get to the next decade also

I am at 166.8 today ... I have ate off plan for so many days it's just plain crazy today is my first OP day. I did have a half of cup of grits over my eggs for breakfast. Not OP but not a lot and not bad bad for me. I'm gonna post my meals again

B ~ 1.5 eggs, w/ cheese, turkey ham, .5 cup grits
L ~ tuna w/miracle whip, relish, taco meat, salsa over sharp cheddar
D ~ ?

03/11 ~
03/12 ~
03/13 ~
03/14 ~
03/15 ~
03/16 ~
03/17 ~

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