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Originally Posted by amandie View Post
Aw, Munchy. I hope you do get more comfortable this year! It definitely has been getting more and more comfortable (or at least bearable) every summer. I noticed that comment on budgetbytes re: the broth and cornmeal as well as the ratio to get more of a harder/solid bottom layer. Did you follow the recipe as instructed or adjust as needed?

Thai-flavored pot-pies, that is too cool. Do you know if the Thai red curry paste is spicy?

I really need to start getting more creative in the kitchen! On the plus side, I finally made up some frozen "taquitos" using my leftover black beans, pan-roasted corn, and cauli-rice as well as some cheese. Yay for not wasting food and a meal for whenever. Baby steps...
Did you make the taquitos with corn tortillas? Sounds awesome! I'm totally going to do that. I imagine you just fill and roll, then flash freeze on a cookie sheet, seam side down?

Thai red curry paste is usually spicy, but the yellow is mild and green can go either way. I'd assume you can use any of them instead. Here is a link to the recipe. I would probably not add cheese...something about cheese and curry kind of makes me queasy.

For the vegetable polenta bake, I followed the directions as is. 3 cups of broth and 1 cup of water with 1 cup of polenta (grits). I ended up with a solid layer you could cut through after baking. It didn't spread at all!

Today I plan to eat a little more of it for dinner. It's only 216 calories for 1/6 of the recipe (using 1T oil and full fat cheese), but it's really filling. My boyfriend didn't like it because he said the top layer of vegetables wasn't chopped small enough and was too firm. He likes mushy vegetables
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