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Morning all.

Happy – How is the big meltdown going? We’ve had a lot of melting over the past 4 days, but we’re in for a good amount of snow tonight. At least we’re turning the corner...

Michelle – Your hypnosis seminar sounds interesting. Are these normally repeated to "reinforce" the exercises? I’m glad to hear Santa’s appetite is back and his paw seems to be getting better. Your comments re your SIL’s makes me intent on getting on the phone to schedule my mammogram today – just set up the task in my calendar to remind me.

Annie – I understand not wanting to post – sometimes it seems like there’s nothing positive to say. But this week is gonna be exciting for you – the arrival of R. and the visit with your friend from TX. Exciting stuff!! Enjoy and savor and take some pics for us!!

Ceejay – Hope your workweek is moving along. How many more days of this long stretch?

Hellos to Susie, Terra & Shad!!


Enjoying the mild weather we’ve gotten the past few days. I know we’re in for more wintery stuff today, but that’s okay. It’s good enough to know we’re getting more mild temps here and there.

Bf went to the gym last night and then to a friend’s to help out with his new cell phone. I stayed home and did a BE workout (deltoids, biceps, hamstrings and glutes) and a set of pushups. It was a rest day for my challenge, but I wanted to do them anyway.

I’m currently reading the book for book club – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It’s about the life of a girl/woman in early 1800’s China. Very early in the book, it goes through the footbinding process. Before I even got into it in any depth, I looked online for more about that topic because I didn't really know what it was...and I wished I hadn’t. It totally set me off on the wrong foot with this book – pun intended. I’d like to say that it wasn’t necessary, but of course it is. That’s how life in China was, and otherwise I guess I’m finding the book very interesting with respect to Chinese traditions and the roles of females. Book club is this Saturday. A movie was made based on this book, and we will be watching some of it.

My wallet and purse were delivered yesterday. I will be returning the purse – the strap is too short, and overall, I think the design of the purse would make it difficult for me to quickly grab items out of it – I’m always going into it for a tissue or lip balm, etc. The wallet should be fine.

That’s about it for me. I’m skipping movie night tonight. None of the movies appealed to me. “Endless Love” was chosen. Besides, there’s a happy hour 4-6 tonight to jointly celebrate (1) a job move for someone in our partner department and (2) my boss’s upcoming retirement. Depending on how long I stay, I’ll probably get home later than usual.

Okay, I have to finish my compliance sessions. They’re due tomorrow. They just started assigning them all at once each quarter and all must be completed within the quarter, but in this case they made the announcement in late February and they have a due date of tomorrow. So much for having an entire quarter to do them on your own timeline!! Oh well, enough griping. Back to it.
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