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Good Morning! It's a very dark gloomy morning in my corner of the world today. We are supposed to get some rain and cooler temperatures, then warm up again tomorrow. Sonny goes to the vet this afternoon for his yearly shots. It doesn't seem possible it's been a year since he spent three weeks there. Time flies! I'm hoping he will go in the carrier after his treats as there is no way I can pick him up and stuff him in. Otherwise, it's do some extensive cleaning and get rid of some of the "stuff" that has accumulated on/in my living room shelves. I've got so many Yankee candles stored in the cupboard it's ridiculous!

Maggie -- Yesterday was sure a tease from the weather man! At least we know that spring and warmer weather is getting closer. I'm like you, and not ready for hot weather. It will be interesting to see what summer will be like since the winter weather has been so unpredictable all over the U. S.

"Gma" -- It seems like it's taking a long time to fill the foreman's position. Perhaps that is the normal procedure for that type of position, or do they just move slow. It's good Jack knows what to do. The coin counter was my idea! The secretary ordered a cheap one that didn't count, just sorted. Pennies are a different thickness so we still had to count the piles, which is so time consuming. When the phone rings, or someone would come in the office, we'd have to start the current pile we were counting, all over again.

I am procrastinating! I need to get dressed so I can work on my "to do" list. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!
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