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Originally Posted by Jethrohotfox View Post
Thanks, Hikers88! I need to buy more food tomorrow. I ll maybe stick with the jello after all! I just find a snack after supper is too much, but jello goes down easy :-) have u had the mushroom soup by chance?
I bought a ton of soup when I started and as it turns out I really hate just about all of them! I have a sweet coach who let me trade them in on some other things but I encourage you to try lots of things because everyone is so different in their taste... most seem to find their favorites and stick with them... which I kind of do... I try to have a variety on hand at all times in case I feel like something different.... and pickles... always have giant pickles in my fridge... if you ever do get hungry you'll be thankful for a pickle to get you through!!
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