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Originally Posted by Jethrohotfox View Post
Does anyone else find It hard to get through that much meat, vegetables AND space packs in one day?? Has anyone ever been given permission to reduce amnt. Of packets or meat portions?
LOL, I have no problem what-so-ever!! But I do space the food out throughout the day.

I use the chocolate shake in my morning coffee for a nice mocha/breakfast, morning snack is usually my restricted with tea at my desk, I've always done half my meat and vegis at lunch and the other half at supper. If I'm feeling quite full after supper I just have a jello before 8pm but other times if I'm hungry I have something a little more filling. Love the new S&V chips!

You will get used to all those vegis... two cups of mushrooms sauteed doesn't look like as much after they've cooked! Hope you get used to the plan soon!
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