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Karen, it is so good to have you back with us! How is your pain now? Do you have PT coming into your home or are you to exercise on your own?

We went to the gym this morning but all I did was walk/job about 1/2 mile (10 min) and rode bike for 20 min at 10. I wasn't feeling so great so when dh was ready to leave I was too. I think it is the fiber..even though I drink a lot of water. I have to cut back on it now and then for that reason. My colon is much better although I do feel it slightly. When I got home I was so tired so laid down for an hour. Didn't want to get up but I did.

Got my daily work done and mostly did my weekly work in the family room. Didn't touch the living room but we are rarely in there so it doesn't get very dirty. If I don't get to it tonight I'll catch it next week. Also washed a couple loads of laundry...darks. Decided to experiment with the vinegar (just to add a little excitement to my day) I added three cups of white vinegar to both dark loads. Didn't soak, just washed as usual. I've added one cup before as a booster but couldn't tell any difference, but never three. I pre-treated things with stains as usual with Shout, but missed one top and the stains were still there afterwards. However everything else came out very clean and I'm not sure but I think the colors looked better. Often my tops come out still stained even when I used Shout. Gonna have to start buying my vinegar at Costco I think..

Today was a great day for my bs!! Except for the early morning one, all my bs have been good or great!! Very pleased!

My eating today:
bagel - carb
cream cheese - fat
bacon - protein

PB mocha frappe - portein, fat and carb (ETA: don't usually drink this for lunch but was craving it and my bs was good)
baby carrots

afternoon snack
bacon - 1 sl - protein
bread - 1 sl - carb
1 oz cheese - fat

Asian stew - beef, onions, garlic, Asian radish (also carrots but I don't like cooked carrots so didn't eat) and tomato sauce. - protein (veggies free)
rice - 1/2 cup - carb
pecans - 1 T - fat

Calories - 1288 (estimated as I didn't figure the stew, just used a similiar recipe's nutrition)
Carbs -151
Fiber - 13
sodium - 1927 (approx)

Lucinda - say NO to those cigarettes! Sorry for the resurrection of the old craving. Temptation can be SO sneaky...I get them to sweets and sometimes other foods (always carbs!) in the evenings esp and my mind will try it's best to rationalize why "just this once" it is ok to give in. Will it ever go away I wonder? Sure glad I never smoked because I'd probably be dealing with that too!

ETA: Today in the mail I got a nice size tube of a deep cleansing skin masque from Meaningful Beauty*Cindy Crawford. Maybe a win but not sure. Too large for a sample though and the enclosed paper said "congrats!" I rarely enter sweeps any more but of course I do now and then, it's another addiction and hard to break.

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