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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
I'm at odds between truly doing IE and doing something of this nature. Not allowing a whole category of foods qualifies as dieting to me, it's a type of restriction that has ultimately led to binges. It's tempting nonetheless.
I completely avoid sugar 99% of the time because it leads to cravings which then lead to binges. Without sugar, "restricting" or avoiding foods does not lead to a binge for me. However I am also careful about carbs, but many people eat oatmeal, quinoa, rice...whole food grains. I limit them because I tend to over eat with them, and they do not control my appetite. If I do eat fruit, I also make sure to pair it with protein.
But do not think of it as eliminating a whole category of food, I think if it as eating it responsibly. Unless you are referring to sugar, junk food etc. I just don't keep anything like that in my house. Its a treat, like soda. We do not buy soda. My kids have never even tried it. But occasionally I will treat myself to a soda if we eat out, and sometimes I'll opt for water.

Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
The whole purpose of doing this is quite different than what you're doing. I'm not trying to control my hunger, I'm trying to observe it, let it happen and ultimately satisfy it. I'm not saying that what you're doing is wrong, it's just not IE.
This is good if you can do this. I tried, but I could not accomplish this. For what ever reason, maybe because I was raised to stuff my face, maybe because I have spent over 15 years starving and binging, I don't know ,but it was like my internal regulator could not regulate certain foods. I cannot IE with processed foods, sweets, junk food, even pastas, potatoes etc.
At the same time, I don't understand why you would not want to control your hunger. The control I'm talking about has to do with health, not dieting.

If I get hungry and eat a candy bar because I really want it, it will do nothing for me nutritionally. It will cause my blood sugar to go up up up, then fall, leaving me hungry in an hour or so. Rather if I choose to eat maybe some cheese and nuts, plain greek yogurt and an apple, a piece of chicken and some internal self would rather eat the candy bar, but I know if I choose one of the other options, I will stay satisfied longer and control my hunger. They also offer more nutritionally. Try not to think of controlling hunger like dieting tips, you know, how they tell you to drink water before eating, or to put down your fork between each bite...I'm talking about controlling hunger by feeding your body healthy, whole, nutritious foods, in a combo of protein , fat (and carbs if you include them).

Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
The biggest aspect at the moment is learning to absolve myself of the sin of eating. I have moments where I overeat but I'm not letting myself feel guilty about it. It's just the way it has to be for the moment, it may result in some weight gain and although I'm not happy about it I'm also not going to hate myself for it. More and more as I do this I'm finding that those "trigger foods" that I thought made me crazy are actually not that enjoyable. In time I will reduce those foods but not because I want to be thin but because I don't really like them as much as I thought I did.
It important to know what is motivating you and what you want to "gain" from this. For some people, it seems weight loss is literally just about losing weight. However it seems for more people there is something else to work through.
Letting go of the guilt is hard. I struggle with it everyday. I feel guilt attached to certain foods, certain food combinations,I feel guild sometimes for just eating. I do not want to be thin either. I did, but when I started running, I no longer wanted to be thin, but I wanted to be strong and fit. I don't want to have extra weight or any of the problems that come with it. Focusing on being fit, helps me to view food as fuel rather than my enemy. I'm eating to reach a goal, rather than NOT eating to reach a goal (dieting) which was a destructive mentality for me. This mind set means, if I'm hungry, I can eat whenever I want, but I only want to put healthy whole foods in my body. I don't want to eat junk, I don't want to eat processed food. But I don't make it off limits, but something I can have as a treat.

Its hard to explain, but it works for me.

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