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I can do it!!!
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Smile Hi!

I seem to be back on board (for the most part) with healthy eating. I have felt hungrier than usual this afternoon, but I am surviving. Dinner is near and I will choose wisely. I walked all three dogs yesterday and reinjured/reaggravated my plantar fasciitis. Podiatrist confirmed last Friday that I have a "good case" of it. I probably shouldn't have walked the dogs, but I really wanted to. At least I know now that I need to stay on the bike and wait longer to walk the dogs, and doc says I need to be 7 days pain-free before walking on treadmill again. I miss both the treadmill and walking my pups!!! But I will survive! At least I can do the bike. I just get bored with it. Feels like I am not getting as good of a workout. Doc gave me a shot of steroid in my ankle/heel for the plantar fasciitis. It helped, but I still have pain when I am on my feet. I swear, there is always something to interfere with my progress. But I am determined and I will NOT give up!!!

irisv62 and Earthling: to the group! iris, congrats on your 63 pound weight loss!!! That's great! Keep it rollin'!!! Just try to go with the compliments and let them give you incentive to continue. Not sure if still feeling big is "normal" or not. It just IS what it is. Try to be proud of yourself and acknowledge your efforts. Losing 63 pounds is not an easy thing to do!!! Earthling gave you good advice.

Desper8: Sorry you had a horrible night. I'm sure all of us here can relate to overeating and eating when not even hungry. You are not alone. Try not to beat yourself up over it. Just start again and do your best!

justagirl: That is too bad that you had that unfortunate and apparently traumatic experience at the age of 4 that still makes you fear exercise. I can see how that would be very difficult to let go of. I deal with so many messages I received growing up (spoken and unspoken) that feel impossible to overcome to this day. I try to "parent" myself with more positive messages. Tell yourself that exercise is good for your body and reassure yourself when you are feeling out of breath due to exertion that you are okay. I know that is easier said than done, but YOU CAN DO IT!!! Big hugs to you and your little 4-year-old self!

Waving HELLO to everyone else! Please post and let us know how you are doing.
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