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Morning all (barly). Didn’t get here yesterday. Not that I was so busy – but time does get away from me on the weekends. Late start today. I was wiping doggy's paws when he came in from the yard this morning and ended up with a muddy sleeve. I was already pressed for time and that just put an end to making my usual train.
Happy – Sorry you missed your yoga class last Thursday, but you know your body and how it will react. I thought you were already doing the yoga class with the popular instructor – must have missed something there. I hope you get into that class in the next session and enjoy it. Why isn’t the treadmill in the house??? Sad story about E. the volunteer. My father was undergoing treatment for lung cancer and experienced the same type of death, but much more sudden and immediate. Very unexpected & shocking – we obviously thought we’d have him around for longer. Re decks – living in a ranch house, I’m glad we don’t have to deal with a deck. The maintenance seems like such a drag. Hope the trex type material is an option for you. The movie I saw Thursday night, “Non-stop” was entertaining, but of course it was totally implausible and over the top. That said, it also wasn’t as good as “Taken” – another Liam Neeson action movie. If anything, it’s something most people would rent or wait until it comes out on cable…or skip altogether.

Annie – Totally agree with Susie’s comment. This is the week!!!

Terra – Good idea to walk in the mall. The cold/ice/snow makes it very difficult to do outside!

Shad – Bread and wine – yum. I do like Prosecco. Sounds like you had a nice day at Island Bay with all the walking by the sea. Looking forward to checking out the photos that I just saw you’ve posted. I lurk around on the threads Ruth posts to, and I know her dog Disney was on her way out. Sad, but I know there was nothing to be done, and she had a good life after being adopted by Ruth. Thanks for the update, hadn’t seen anything since Thursday.

Ceejay – Sorry you tripped on the ice – no lasting effects I hope. You’ve got a long workweek – that’s a lot of hours...but the paycheck will be nice for you. Has the trainee been moved to his permanent duties yet?? Glad to hear the niece’s fiancÚ got here okay.

Michelle – How’s everything going? How’s your ex-SIL?

Susie – Glad you’re back to the routine now. I hope whatever med you get from the doc wipes out the last of your infections, though I had the same thought as Happy - that Cipro was one of the stronger/strongest antibiotics out there. At least there’s the 2-lb loss! How was the nephew’s bday party??
Still catching up from Friday’s day off. Nothing much else to report about my weekend. After the massage (bf also enjoyed his), we had some good Polish food nearby. An old school space, dark paneling and all, but very cute/quaint. Glad we discovered it.

Finally watched “Gravity”. Wow, good story. Glad I saw it.

Didn’t do much else this weekend – a couple more long dog walks. Yesterday I twisted my knee a bit while picking up after doggy in a deep bit of snow. Very minor, just twingey.

I finally made doggy’s peanut butter biscuits. He knew they were for him, of course, LOL.

Not back to tracking on MFP – fell off once my weekend started. But the tracking part of weight loss is what works for me – whether it’s on a computer or on paper, just being aware of what I’m shoveling in makes a difference.

Okay, getting this posted and then time for lunch. TTFN.

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