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Good Morning! The sun is shining, the wind is NOT blowing, snow is melting, and it's a beautiful spring day in my neighborhood! I even wore my spring jacket this morning! We balanced at church on the first try, and I managed to do my computer entries with no mistakes! We have begun taking "noisy" (coins in little metal buckets) offerings, one for our youth projects and one for local missions, on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays, have the Friendship Fund offering on the 1st Sunday, coffee money, Sunday School offering, and the regular budget offering at each each service. Lots of coins to count, and now Lenten cups too. I talked the secretary into getting a coin counting machine so we don't have to count all the coins. It works great! I stopped at the bank, and hospital, on my way home. Have laundry going and need to vacuum. My neighbor is coming over this afternoon for coffee and to return my key.

Maggie -- Thank you for starting the new thread! The bell director picked a very simple piece and divided my bells between the gals on each side of me. We only have a couple of "good" subs who can play in any spot.

Susan -- 70 degrees! Enjoy!

"Gma" -- Glad Jack was able to go to work this morning. The black cat has been coming for at least two winters now. He is a big guy and was pretty spooky at first. Now he sits on the other side where the steps are while I put fresh water and food out. He comes to the food as soon as I shut the door. I talk to him and just call him "Black Cat." He's always left as soon as he eats but this weekend he spent most of the afternoons stretched out on the deck, and sleeping in the sun. Bob's comment to me was, "don't even think about it!"

Bob will be home for lunch soon so will get the leftovers ready. Hope you all enjoy a nice day!
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