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Morning chicks,

Things are starting to melt and drip here. Nice to see. Got an email that there is no water at the thrift shop - busted pipe. Probably froze and when the thaw came, it broke. The building is ancient with very poor insulation. I left some water bottles in the back where they clean and price the donations and the water was frozen solid - it's that cold back there. So no surprise with the pipes. Just hoping they get it fixed by Thursday when I'm there next. Weight is up a pound today - no surprise - we had pizza for dinner last night. I have to get more stringent with what I'm eating. Always have the best intentions ...

Shad - I enjoyed the pictures - interesting look on that balcony. Guess it's appropriate to have a boat bow as a balcony if you are right at the sea. Handy if the water levels rise too quickly also I saw the new buttons on the post window - not sure if I will use them or not, but thanks for pointing them out. Also appreciate the commentary on the composite from DS - DH got a chuckle out of that as he can certainly relate. You mentioned packing - are you going home for a short visit?

Guess I will wait for the others to check in today. In the meantime it's trash day and laundry day as well as finding some other things to keep busy day. Talk to you later...
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