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Good morning to you all. It is going to be lovely here today in the upper 60's
Jack went to the dr this morning and has been released for limited duty so he went onto work from the doctors. I don't know what they will have him do, but maybe answer phones or something when Creola isn't there.

I am getting ready to head upstairs and clean the upstairs, make the bed, put away laundry etc then going to get some more knitting done. I have 20 rows then I can start the decreases on the sweater. I bought a purple necklace and earrings for the silver dress so all set with that outfit. I have been working on the wrap for that and it is coming along also. So far comments about it from my surgeon (I was working on it waiting for her last week) and from the receptionist at the hair salong are great. They love the coloring.

I have to email my friend and find out how they do the casino on the ship money wise. We have never used the casino on the ship and I know she and Tom like to go to the casino. We now have all the shows booked and the excursion, but they don't have the ability to book the speciality steak restaurant yet. As soon as they do, I will pay for that for the four of us and it will be all set.

Jean: Did the black cat just wander up to your house? I don't think I remember you talking about him. Hopefully the weather is going to change now for spring. We are supposed to be near 80 tomorrow. It is really overcast here today but am hoping tomorrow will be nice and sunny. The ship we are going on this year is a lot bigger and our stateroom is a lot farther from the elevator so there will definitely be a lot more walking on it. I know the walk from the pier into Jamaica is a long walk, but they have wheelchair service for the cozumel port, at least they did last year. We shall see I guess. I just go as fast as I can. It is only bad when you are on a booked excursion and you have to be there at a specific time. We were the last ones on the bus for the excursion to Jamaica last time and there is no shortcut and no way but to walk it and it is a real hike.

Maggie: Glad you like your little buffalo. We have a whole herd here in Memphis at Shelby Farms. They have walking, biking and runny trails, plus a place you can fish, fly kites, picnic, etc and they have a agricenter and they grow experimental stuff too. It is right in the city and gives people who have never lived in the country a nice experience for their kids I think.

Susan: Thanks for the info and explanation of the different types. I wasn't sure which one would be the most stressful for my knee. I will certainly look up the chair yoga. It sounds interesting.

Guess I better hit the bricks and get my work done. Have a great day all. Faye
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