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Originally Posted by LittleMissNiki View Post
thanks every1 4 welcoming me and for the advice-im goin to try that-so simple just to say im not hungry-y didnt think of that!we had a bit of an agument about my eating last night actually-said he was goin to shove a pack of cookies down my throat and that my diet has to stop-so i just left him to it to not hear any of it-i told him,if i was allergic to all the food u eat would u still try force me to eat it?think he then got my point and he has now promised to leave me to it and not interfere-my blood sugars have improved a lot since losing weight so think that shut him up 2!so im just going to keep goin now-hoping for a good weigh in result in the morning-thanks again :-)

Niki, that is a good comment. Many young people don't think about healthy eating, so if you just tell him you want to eat healthy and those cookies don't have any nutritional value, you might even change his eating habits, too. Good job! It is much better to keep your weight under control starting when you're young than to let it get out of hand and struggle with it when you're older. I learned that lesson too late.
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