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Last night I allowed myself a snack...really regretted it as typical for me, I didn't stop with one and ended up eating way too much. I knew I shouldn't do it. Once I start I usually have trouble stopping and soon eat everything I can find if I really like it. Sure enough I was up a pound this morning. Before that snack I was doing really well. So today I am determined not to do that again! when you all read me say I might have a snack you probably knew what would happen, didn't you?!!

Sometimes I have done it the accelerated way with food like the chimi-changas or the tacos (yesterday) thinking they had enough fat but I'm learning I need to stick to the the regular 1-1-1 plan in most cases as I need that fat to fill me up. Also to fill up on lots of veggies if possible! My BS ha been really good today.

My food today
Greek Yogurt with a little Kashi cereal in it - protein and carb
PB - 1 T - fat

beef & bean chimi - carb and protein
salad - free
mayo - 1 T - fat
fiber supplement

PB mocha - carb, protein and fat

salad - free
bacon - 2 sl -protein
1/2 apple - carb
1 T pb - fat

ETA: Calories 1332, carbs 142, fiber 19, sodium 1210
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