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This last week has been rough for me on IP and I could really use some positive thoughts, prayers, energy, whatever you have to give. I've had so many events to attend and then family here visiting and I did a so-so job of staying on plan. I was super excited to have my cousin here...she's a major health nut and a personal trainer. She saw me and was amazed at how I looked. I told her all about IP and she was actually really impressed. I was scared with how she would react, but she was super positive about it. She tried some of my food and thought it was great.

The problem was...I did too many little cheats lately. Took her to the Brown and Haley factory outlet (her husband loves Almond Roca and you can get it SUPER cheap there) and we bought some of that, so it was around. Then we had girl scout cookies here. I've noticed if I just have one little cheat, it turns in to a bunch of little cheats. Man, it's easy to see how sugar or carbs can affect you like just want more. I didn't have big horrible nasty cheats, just little bits here and there that have added up and now I feel awful. My stomach feels bloated and I know I've just really blown it. It's so hard for me too, because the first 9+ weeks on IP I didn't even have one itty bitty bite of anything I wasn't supposed to have. And then this last week, it's been small bites of something bad almost every day. I HAVE to get myself under control and commit 100% starting right now that I will be 100% on plan from here on out. I know I feel better when I am and the only way this is going to be truly successful is if I am committed. Nothing that I've eaten tastes as good as healthy feels.

There's my confessional. It's completely my fault and I KNOW that I have the ability to be 100% on plan. I did it to myself. I've been fully on plan before and it's time to stop the crud and get back at it again.

Thanks for listening and thanks for any positive thoughts.

Working hard to get to my tropical vacation!
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