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Happy - the DS2 put the composite decking on one of his rental houses. When I chatted to him about the fact that you were thinking of using it, he said 'it's good stuff. Easy to put down, just make sure you don't have an incompetent (insert swear words)(insert nationality here) using a drill, that can't follow a string line and who misses every joist or bearer by (insert more swear words) several centimeters. Because if you do, you will have a lot of holes to patch.

Suzie - good to hear that you are on the mend and feeling so much better. 2lbs is 2lbs, I'd take it. Hope you enjoyed the birthday party. I'm afraid I would not use the malls to walk in. Some might be able to manage it, but I would be peering into shops and looking for bargains. I guess I would just have to get on a treadmill somewhere if I couldn't walk outside. No discipline.
Yep the sea was good, and I slept like a log last night. Still got sore feet, but not much else has changed.

Ceejay - hope you feel better after that slip on the ice. Take care out there, ice is hazardous - even if you only put it in your drinks like I do.

So Mel has been on my mind a lot over the past couple of weeks. Maybe she is telling me to contact Jen again or something. I wished her a happy birthday on the 7th - hers is a day after DS1's birthday. Mel not Jen just in case you were interested in my grammar there.

Okay - so maybe I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning. Every single thing I have touched so far has turned to cr*p. Not achieving much at all. I'm on my 5th coffee and that doesn't seem to be jazzing me up either.

Oh and while I think about it and before I disappear into another meeting, Ruthxxx's dog Disney - who was a Katrina rescue dog - passed away on Friday or the weekend, can't remember which. Such a shame, but as Ruth said, there was no telling how old she was and the poor thing was going through kidney failure so a peaceful end was called for.

Gotta go again.
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