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Hey everyone!

Diana - I'm trying not to let it get to me, I won't anymore. I did have a very silly mini melt down today though. Here is to a better tomorrow...

Psychic - Awesome for you that you went to a baby shower and only had a little bit of chips and cake. I think its deserved every once in awhile and it's great you didn't go overboard.

AlaskinLaughter - I'm sorry again about your loss. I hope time will make it a little easier. I hope you're able to go home on time and the snow won't delay anything.

- I look forward to The Walking Dead allllll week!

Okay so today was not so great. I weighed, and for the past 2 days I've been up. This was the 3rd day and it said I'm at 313. How can this be possible? I have been eating next to nothing (enough to survive, but no meat, no added sugar, barely any dairy) I've been drinking my water and green tea, I've been working out, WHAT IS GOING ON? So I had a melt down and said "screw it" basically and went out to breakfast. I was bad. But still stopped myself half way through and made sensible choices. And decided I was going to keep at it. I thought about giving up the scale awhile but to be honest with myself, taking the batteries out or putting it away or whatever won't work. I will still weigh myself so the best thing to do is embrace it, and realize it can be water, TOM, (I think its coming soon) food, just a natural fluctation, and deal with it. I can't drop lbs at a time everyday. So I'm glad I worked myself through it and I'm not giving up. It's a big accomplishment for me because once I've cheated, I usually declare it an entire cheat DAY and then it carries on to the next day... and next day.... so nope! I made good choices the rest of the day and TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY!

B - Denny's peanut butter cup pancakes (but I only ended up eating a little over 1, mostly the bottom one that isnt covered with chocolate and peanut butter), 2 piece wheat toast, 2 eggs over easy, hashbrowns. I gave my bacon to my fiance!
L - Apple (Was still full from breakfast)
S - None (STILL full)
D - Wheat tortilla with brown rice, onions, green peppers, mushrooms

Oh and I forgot to add the reason why I feel so silly about my UP today is I realized the batteries in my scale are going bad. I'd get on and off and back on, and the weights would be 1.5 lbs in difference. I put in some new batteries (good brand) and will weigh tomorrow morning.

Mini goals
1st - 324 lbs (20 lb loss) CHECK!
2nd - 310 lbs (10% loss)
3rd - 299 lbs (Out of the 300's!)
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