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Feeling better this evening. I think I had a headache becaue I was too sick at my stomach to drink any coffee this morning. Headache went away when I took Excedrin and had a cup of coffee later. I seldom ever take Excedrin but suddenly remembered that DH keeps them on hand.

Strange how eating beans can add fiber to plan. I realized today that I can probably add fiber as long as it is fiber that does not come from processed foods. I am amazed that when today is over that I will have had about 44 grams of fiber and it was so easy doing it with beans, veggie and fruit and my calories are less than 1500 calories. I think keeping the calories under control is the key to a lot of this and if I'm right my goal will be to keep my calories under 1500 calories. My carbs are higher than I wanted so I will have to tweak that to get it lower as well.

Rennie I have Metimucile and DH takes Clearlax. I've taken both and neither one of them do anything for me. I do seem to do better if I am able to get the natural fiber from food regulated right. I just wish I could always remember what I do when that happens. I was extremely regular when I lived with my aunt when I got out of college and I've tried to remember what we ate. She insisted on breakfast which was eggs, bacon, toast with butter and black coffee with saccharin (they didn't know it was bad for you then). I ate a low carb high fat lunch (same everyday of hot link made locally, carrot and celery sticks and a cold drink. Dinner was usually meat, greens/veggie, a starch with gravy and cantaloupe. Every Friday night we went out to eat and had our favorite (mine was fried chicken). And I not only was extremely regular, but I was losing weight like crazy. Now I eat healthier than that and I struggle with weight loss and regularity. Go figure. Strange isn't it. I guess it is because our body changes a lot as we get older.

Sometimes I think I should just eat like I did back then and forget about dieting, but I guess the diabetes keeps me from doing that because I don't want the complications that comes with it.

Don't be afraid of taking the Metformin. My doctor says it is supposed to protect us from the complications of diabetes. I hope that it will protect me while I work at getting the fbs under control.

Ruthie It is nice that you have so many caring friends who want to comfort you and Jazz. I hope you good memories will help heal your heart.

Carol Sue Fighting the same lbs is a pain for me too. I don't want to keep gaining and losing the same lbs over and over. That's why I'm working so hard to get my weight down. I do so want to get my weight back into the 220s.

We can do this. We just can't give up.

I cannot do this on my own, but I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.
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