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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


I've been married 35 years come October, so I have a little experience. (child bride)

In any family there are jobs, and somebody has to do them. If your partner feels like all the jobs are being shifted to them while you work out, plan your meals etc., then of course they are going to be feel put out.

Same thing to spending time together. If you no longer want to partake in going out to dinner or drinking wine (I think you can still figure out a meal that would work with your plan) then think of another activity you can do together so the SO doesn't feel neglected. Going out together is to get out of the boredom of staying home every night and getting the opportunity to enjoy each other's company. Maybe go for a hike at a park, or the beach, a walk around the block, a bike ride. . . together.Go to a museum, a concert, a dog show. . .lots of stuff doesn't involve eating or drinking.

Yes, you are worth it!, but so is having a supportive and loving partner. jmo. If your partner is important to you than you can figure out a way to work things out.
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