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justagirlinthecity: Hello and to our group! Sorry that you have lots of weight to lose due to meds, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue. I can certainly relate! My trials with meds are in the past, and currently I am aiming to get off (or as low as possible) on my meds. But the weight remains. I am extremely weight loss resistant due to the meds I am on, but ~ like you said ~ I am determined to make 2014 a much healthier year! I have accepted that exercise needs to be part of the equation, but getting started is always a challenge for me. I have become much better at getting it done in the past several months, since I began working out with a trainer. Even at home, I am doing more than I used to. I almost ALWAYS feel better AFTER a workout, so I try to use that knowledge as motivation for the next workout. Why do you think you have a "major fear" of exercise? Maybe answering that question honestly (for yourself) is the best place to start. The biggest challenge for me right now is to keep my eating in check, which ~ for me ~ requires constant vigilance. When I stray much AT ALL, I pay for it on the scale. But if I deprive myself too much, I tend to set myself up for a binge. So I am constantly working on finding a healthy BALANCE. Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey! Keep on posting and we will cheer you on toward your goals! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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