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Well, my 2 lbs I lost last week found their way back home. I'm very discouraged. I don't want to beat myself up, but I know that I am the one who is putting the food in my mouth so I can't blame it on anything else. Right now my only goal is to maintain whatever I lose and not keep losing the same 2 lbs over and over.

I have decided to call my PCP tomorrow and get my A1c and thyroid checked. I have been putting it off, trying to see if I can lower my BS on my own, but it has been so high for so long and I am so afraid of the complications. I don't mind taking Metformin because it has so few side effects and it does help with weight loss, but I didn't want to go on anything that causes lows. I am so afraid of doing something wrong and getting a dangerous low. I will need to be diligent and right now I'm not too good at that.

Rennie, the fact that you still have dependent children tells me that I am quite a bit older than you. Loose skin gets worse as you get older. You might be able to lose more without as much loose skin as I would have. My blood sugar was good at 182 pounds. My A1c was mostly under 7. Last time it was 7.8 and I can tell from my recent readings that it is going to be even higher this time. I am really scared, but I guess I'm not scared enough to do what I know I need to do. So I will go on new meds, and continue trying to lower it with diet and exercise. That's all I can do.

My doctor always wants to put me on new expensive meds because he says they are better than the older generic meds. But my copay on brand meds is really high. I will tell him I will go on them if he can get samples for me, but otherwise I want generic.

I don't have any good news today.

Rennie and Trish, you two are really doing well. Congratulations!

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