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just checking in....we are flying home today depending on the snow storm moving around the's been a long, difficult week and we laid my BIL to rest yesterday in the ancestral native burial very hard to do I ate a good dinner last night for the first time in over a week...I haven't weighed myself since we left home and I haven't done any exercise beyond a few walks around town...I feel like I've lost weight though simply by barely day my food consisted of coffee, a few bites of chocolate and some little random thing for dinner, maybe cottage cheese...we have a lot of things to get done today and tomorrow when we're home, I go immediately back to work and I know i'll be slammed since I've been gone for a week...

one thing I wanted to add about this week: Alaska Airlines only runs one combi flight around the state, where the front half of the plane is boarded off and only for cargo and the back half of the plane is for passengers....on Friday the airlines said they couldn't bring back BIL's casket because it wasn't a combi flight scheduled to fly into the village...the whole family was coming in on that flight, escorting him home...and somehow, someone pulled some strings and Alaska Airlines switched their entire aircraft just for our family, removing the regularly scheduled plane and bringing in the combi flight JUST so that he could come home on the flight with everyone else....i'm just so grateful that the airline did that for us
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