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Good morning to you all. It is cloudy, but it is in the 50's so as long as the temps stay up, I am ok with it. It is supposed to climbing this next week, which will be nice.

The kids left on an 8 day cruise yesterday. I imagine as long as the weather is nice they will have a nice time. They have done several cruises too.

The other kids got more snow so I am sure they aren't thrilled with that. I know they have to be tired of the cold and snow by now. I am so glad we are finally starting on some spring temperatures.

I have been working on my knitting and when Jack goes back to work I can get more done. He ventured out to get us some lunch today, which is the first day since Tuesday that he has driven. He is feeling a lot better now, but he says he is bruised feeling across his chest sort of like when someone list too many weights or something. I told him it was probably masked from the narcotics he was taken and when we weined him off most of them then they cropped up. I told him to tell his doctor about it tomorrow and discuss it with him.

Susan: I often wondered about doing Tai Chi. It looks like it is not hard on the body and though is not some kind of hard exercise, I think it is good for balance and feeling settled and such. Yoga would be difficult with me because of the knee I think. Since you have looked into so many types are pilates more difficult than yoga? I don't really know the difference of what they do. Hope your week is going to be good.

Maggie: Are you just going to sell or give away the stuff in the house rather than store it somewhere?

Jean: The toughest thing for me is carrying laundry up the stairs because I have to walk holding onto the rail. When I take laundry up I put the basket up about 3 steps then climb then place the basket up another 3 stairs, etc until I get to the top then shove it onto the landing so I can get onto the landing and then I pick it up and carry it into the bedroom. I think Jack is tired of sitting around and I am glad because that means he is feeling back to his old self, sort of. It is going to take time to get over the rib thing. He is excited about the snorkeling. I am like you, I will keep my head up where the air is. I know my Kelly goes scuba diving and always sort of panics and uses up her air quickly. I believe they are going to go scuba diving this cruise. Hope they have fun, me, NOPE!

Tomorrow I am starting a walking program even having to walk with the cane. I need to get out and exercise and the weather is starting to cooperate so I am going to walk. It isn't going to expend a bazillion calories, but it will build up my stamina for the cruise and make me feel better no matter what.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week. Faye
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