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For me it helps to detox from overheating with at least a period of careful eating, now I know the book says that doesn't work but I think there is the advantage to get you off sweets and carbs and let your body be ready to enjoy good food. In that time you feel so much better and sort of get rid of the bloating.

I think IE is really really helpful once you have essentially set some decent healthy habits and want to retain the sustainable parts of them. So for me that means a focus on lots of great fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy grains, and letting the other stuff enter intuitively. But then I don't really have any ridiculous sugar obsessions. When I'm overeating it is soothing myself with a lot of crunchy carbs and rebellious eating knowing the food party will be over soon.

When other diets get you frustrated, IE lets you settle in and establish ongoing sustainability and let your weight eventually get to a healthy point and no real change.

But then there is the acceptance of that body weight and for me a real fashionista who loves pretty clothes and pays attention to runway shows and trends it is difficult to not care about that end weight, I mean those gorgeous fit celebrities don't stop where IE lands then do they? But that's a subject for a whole other thread I think. I tend to be within 15 pounds of a healthy weight so it's not the same issue at all with those further away and I sure understand that.
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