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My first thought was "too bad", then I read your post and saw it was your DH...maybe that's not the best answer. Talking about it and finding out what it is that is bothering him should help.

I know sometimes it's hard for people to get used to the change, you'll see threads here and there about people saying "you're getting too skinny" when you're at a normal weight, it's just that they're not used to seeing you at that weight.

Since you're in the losing stages there is more of an investment in time (for exercising, preparing your foods, etc) than there will be when you're in maintenance, that stage will have it's own challenges, but you won't be working so hard to lose.

Talking it out, helping him understand you are doing this in a healthy way and how much better you are feeling and that you want to share the good stuff with him should help you get through this.

It seems the people closest to us know the exact buttons to push to get under our skin. Don't let it fester, get it out in the open so it doesn't become a bigger issue than it is already.

best of luck to you
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