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Good morning - well, or good night, to our Aussie friends, I think ... decided to check in this morning and state a goal, and then hopefully check in tonight before bed and give myself credit if it's due. Have already eaten a good breakfast. Scale read 4 pounds above ticker, but I'm hoping with cycle and take out chinese food (loaded with sodium but also with veggies, not fried and not sugary sauce) that it will drop here before long when I get back in the groove. Day wasn't filled with snacking. Goal: eat healthy lunch and dinner, and replace desire of snacking when worried/stressed with a cup of hot tea. Even if the cups get only half-enjoyed... just to break the routine enough to boil the water. (I might try P.L. Travers' insistence of milk in the cup first if i do a pot...never tried that. )

Still hoping that my mom improves more - she's slowly gaining a bit of strength with physical therapy, but has been sent reeling with Dad's diagnosis. I'm hearing things third-hand that have me worries, as in Dad saying to one of their friends that it doesn't look good. But of course he won't say that to us kids. ... I have a trip planned to get there next month at Easter, but will see what the test shows this week and possibly go down earlier to lend a hand. My brother is there, and is helping out with all they'll allow.

DH goes back to working nights tonight. Supposed to warm up this week (16 this morning and to be 58 tomorrow for the high!) I planted a ton of daffodil bulbs and bulblets and have more to go ... will hunt up some more shallow pots and keep that project going today. Get them out in the warmth and hopefully they'll lure spring in sooner

Have hours of work to tackle today, and need to go work pants shopping as I'm down to only a couple with some mishaps and stains that don't come out. Cleared out more "stuff" from the house yesterday and did a Goodwill run with a trunkful and a huge box of books that I've worked for a few months on trying to "rehome" - hospital reading room, senior centers, etc., and everyone I could think of to check is stocked, so ... moved them along. Now more space in garage to start the next stack.

So close ... now so far!
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