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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Happy Sunday!

Autumn- Didn't know that about the Splenda. I'm more suspicious because WW puts their name on the yogurt, and it is 1 point less, than plain ff yogurt. I have no issues about Splenda, I use it very sparingly. I am going to finish up the Yoplait 100 Greek I bought and then sticking to the plain greek yogurt and add my own fruit.

OK- the Dannon Light Greek Yogurt is only 80 calories, 2 points, 8 carbs and is a power food. But it doesn't have the little "weight watchers 2 points label" on it. See how they fooled me? So actually the Dannon would be a better choice for me because I want less carbs and calories. I have one Key Lime pie of this kind.

Fage Low Fat Plain is 4 points. And the Non-fat plain is two points.

Just to totally confuse everyone, the Healthy Choice frozen yogurt is 3 points a container.

Greetings to everyone else. Oh yes, I bought a great kitchen scale on sale at Kohls, you can measure in grams, ozs, very helpful. I measured out 1/2 gram of turkey pepperoni, 1 point! now I have to drink a gallon of water to flush out the salt though.

My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013

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