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Good Morning! It's a cloudy, windy, gloomy morning here. We are skipping church this morning and don't really have a good reason. The bells are playing at second service without me since I missed three of the four practices. Bob said we may have to stand up as visitors next Sunday. I'm still working on laundry and my goal today is to get the luggage put away. You'd think with two of us the house would stay clutter free but it just seems to multiply. I have card club a week from tomorrow so need to do some deep corner cleaning and decide what to make for food.

Susan -- I enjoyed reading your yoga explanation. There is a chair yoga class here, and I've thought about seeing what that is all about. The teacher also has a regular class that meets in the evening but it's the same night that I have bell practice. Your tea yesterday sounds like fun.

Maggie -- On our last trip to Yellowstone there was a bus load of people taking pictures of the buffalo. A few of the more stupid ones were walking towards them and finally the tour guide came running after them yelling, "don't go any closer!" There were some calves in the mix and the moms were snorting around to get between their babies and the people. We were in the car and decided it was time to leave!

Bob just came wandering downstairs so guess it is coffee time! Hope you all enjoy your day today!
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