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Unhappy Sunday slipping away

Hi coaches

Sunday is coming to a close sadly and I still have organising for work to do.

Credits for today - planned and stayed with plan; dinner all planned and I have some meals for the week on paper; checked in with coaches; went to gym and did a good session with weights; looked at my plan and changed the macronutrient ratios (added more gluten free safe starches / carbs) and reduced the calories. Will be interesting to see how it goes

Ladym0208 - Great work deciding whether you were hungry and not having your snack.

BillBE - Arms and Abs sounds like fun - especially if they are areas unworked for some time. Hope it works out. Credit for counting corn chips! $10 for four pounds of ORGANIC strawberries??!? Good grief that is cheap - here it is $10 for about one pound of NORMAL - sigh. Strawberries are one of the Dirty Dozen plus (now about 15) from the Environmental Working Group that should be bought organic if possible - and then there are the Clean 15 - but I can't afford organic all the time and as you say it can look very bedraggled.

flnu - just chugging is good. LOL at under-age food-pushers. Credit for using a streak for motivation - mainly why I keep logging my food (I am up to 99 days straight)

Gardenerjoy - glad you are getting on top of tasks and using Beck to do it. The planning makes the difference for all sorts of things for me. Will have to follow up the link to your review thanks

CeeJay - Sorry to hear you are in a bad place. I am so pleased that you come here with it. Credit for one day on plan - now just do another one, and then another and you will have a mini streak - and if you fall off start over like I for sure keep having to

Tricia (from AZ) - 1/2 a grass fed cow sounds like my idea of heaven - I am always trying to find it, and pastured chickens, and free range pork. Getting easier but still a struggle. Hope you got to your DVD. It is really difficult when the scale doesn't cooperate - I totally get it. Hope tomorrow is better for you

Debbie(Lexxiss) - Yay that your weight is down. And credit for taking time to take care of yourself

Onebyone - Huge credit for managing your stress while your sister is there and not eating because of it - your meal choices sounded so good. Feeling for you having to make decisions about your mother - always really difficult. Credit for using "food will not make things better..."

Nationalparker - life sounds really challenging at the moment - sending supportive thoughts. Your plan of checking in regularly sounds workable - just tell us how it is going

Short Term Goal

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