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It was a nice day. Lovely lunch with dd and gc. Then a bit of shopping at Home Depot and Target. Kinda gloomy and raining out even though dh said the forecast was sunshine.

My eating for today
Onion bagel - carb (too many carb serv for my bs...I need to cut these in 1/2...they smell so good I eat them before I think!)
Cream cheese - 1 T - fat
Cheddar cheese - about 1/3 oz. protein

lunch (out but I stayed OP)
fish taco - protein, carb and fat
It had veggies in it
maybe I could have had another fat? I don't know but I counted the sauce as fat. There were two on the platter but I only ate one and felt full enough. In the past I would have eaten both anyway but I enjoyed the children and conversation and told myself I could eat the other one tonight.

fish taco (leftovers)
large salad - free
fiber supplement

Calories 884 (if I get REALLY hungry I might allow myself a little snack this evening IF my bs allows but I'm very full right now)
Carbs 128
Fat 22
Fiber 15
Sodium 1488

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