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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
He's definitely not keeping his foods stashed. He can't even keep his drinking to himself and he knows the hardest part for me is not having a glass of wine! Honestly there aren't a lot of foods I miss, an occasional pasta but not really, but I really can't wait to drink a glass of moscato again lol
I have to share- I used to LOVE moscato and even sweeter whites, like ice wine. Anything with TONS of residual sugar. I enjoyed a light red here or there, but moscato was my wine of choice and reisling was a close second. After phasing off for the holidays, I found that most whites were SUPER unappealing. They were way too sweet! Ugh. Now I stick with red blends when I have wine.

Originally Posted by LuvA1exa View Post
NSV!! I checked my blood pressure this morning and it is way down. Going to the doctor's on Tuesday - hopefully I can start weaning myself off of them. I tried it a few months ago (with the Dr's blessing) but went into a stressful situation at work and it shot back up again. Hopefully this program will do the trick!!

Love that this gives me another reason to stay on program.
Congrats! That is a super NSV!

Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
So WI at the clinic today, good loss for the 3 weeks-9.6.but the thing that made me happiest was that my bp was 118/74 with no medication

I have had a terrible migraine and stomach issues all of this week. Seriously ready for the headache to go away. Have not felt this bad since my first two weeks of IP when I was in carb withdrawal from Coca Cola. Have had to force myself to eat OP, because I would rather not eat at all. Have been getting in my salt and water. Ugh!
Excellent BP! I sure hope your migraines and tummy issues improve quickly. Feel better!
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