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Originally Posted by Mrs Snark View Post
I always read your IE posts because I do my own personal version of IE. While I try to abstain completely from my trigger foods, I practice IE with all the rest of the foods. I don't calorie count, and if I'm hungry I eat something.
^This^ is what over a decade of dieting & disordered eating **** has finally lead me to...and it is peaceful here.

I abstain from trigger foods. I have not binged in months, or since I went back to this post pregnancy.
IE with everything else, but I only eat whole foods, nothing processed.
Don't calorie count.
Eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm satisfied.
Special occasions are my treats. We have about one event a month, between b-day parties, gathering with friends, and I will eat non whole food/processed stuff there. It works for me because I cannot over eat in front of others. Its a 100% guarantee that I can have a bit of trigger food and not binge.
And I run. My ticker is not updated, but I did 16.5 miles this week.

I did this before my last baby and lost the weight. It was finally something I could do without the stress, and counting, and starving and binging.

I did do IE years ago, but included all foods. For me, I just cannot IE with things like bread, rice, pasta, bagels etc. Nor with treats or sweets. I was not losing weight and truthfully I was not happy being fat. I just could not accept that as me. But going back to cal counting is a nightmare for me. The switch to whole foods w/ avoiding trigger foods was the key for me to IE and lose weight. And running, because now I want to fuel my body when I eat. I really think about how a meal (especially pre run) is going to make me feel while running. (Energized and fast, or sluggish and heavy)
I think when people say a diet made their hungry go away, they are referring to eating the right foods to control appetite. For me, not eating sugar, carbs like bread/pasta, or processed foods, means that my hunger is well controlled. I am not hungry every 2-3 hours anymore. So I can IE and not eat all the time. When I practiced IE without having my hunger under control, I *was* hungry, but too often, so that IE meant I was eating too much. I realized that its not that I had to deny myself food when I was hungry but find a way to eat that didn't leave me hungry so frequently. I also notice that exercise/running keeps my appetite controlled. I know most people are more hungry after a workout, but I for some reason, feel loss of appetite after working out.

So I basically can eat whenever I am hungry and still lose weight. I'm technically following a diet (whole foods, no trigger foods) but I don't feel deprived.

Maybe something similar would be helpful for you. Once you find what works, that's half the battle.

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