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Nelie and I are going to have to disagree about grains. I think there is compelling evidence they weren't part of the human diet until around 10,000 years ago and humans haven't evolved enough to do more than barely tolerate them. Especially if they are not soaked, sprouted, or fermented. Grains have many defenses that say to animals hey dont eat me. Livestock, cats, dogs, and I feel humans, don't do well on them. Birds and rodents do.

I feel a lot of what we think of as inevitable in old age is because of grain eating.
And whole grains contain a lot of 'anti nutrients' that in many ways make them even worse than refined grains. Add high glycemic index for many and all those carbs also.

Everyone needs to find out for themselves but going grain free was the single best food decision I ever made for me.
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