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Tried to post last night but the little thing kept going round and round so I finally gave up and went to bed. I shut the alarm off to early this morning and slept till 6 a.m. But I didn't panic just got up and did my thing and out the door on time. I did prepare my food the night before which helps a bunch.
I slipped on the ice yesterday and am sore today. Don't think anything is broken except my pride. The ice is almost gone from the streets except in the parking lots and my drive-way. I actually have to put the car in all wheel drive just to get out of it.
I'm starting my 5 day stretch of work today. But that's okay. I'll have a bit more money for vacation this summer.
I've been so curious if my step niece's fiance' (sp) had made it to the states so I called while ago to find out. He's at my sis and bil's house. So I'm thankful. With all this stuff going on in the Ukraine I'd been concerned. This is where they met.
At least 2 quiet days with out the trainee. Ahhhhh, I heard he will be moved Monday. And I was told not to let him do my paper work.

I didn't know any of those people from Blytheville. It was good to know that we have some good people left in this world. Interstate 55 was congested from Memphis up to the Missouri border. That didn't go to well with the governor.

I'm jealous of your message. I'd even take a foot message. Think I'll make an appointment for one the next time I'm in Jonesboro. Good buy on the jeans.

Have fun at the mall today.

You are getting the exercise today. I agree with the part on MFP about if you did the you'd weigh this.

Where are you?

GS #2 will be arriving soon.

You are going to get some good exercise in today as well.
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