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Posted so often yesterday...and here I am again. We are going to meet our dd for lunch today and I'm ready too early. Wearing one of my new tops. She's always so stylish so I like to look nice for her. We are going to BJs. I know there is a salad I like there so may get it, but if I do it will be only because I like it not because I feel I have to eat salad!

I lost .4# this week. Not nearly as much as I would have liked but that's least it's headed in the right direction. Actually today my weight was up from yesterday. So I STILL am not at m sig weight officially! But I know it's coming, it's coming...

Lynn - Congrats on the pound loss! Did you see my comments on your menus you posted? Also did you see the post where I gave you the rules on the Accelerated 1-1-1 program?

bobbi - Did you see my post on the accelerated 1-1-1 program? thought that might be better for you and Lynn, but up to you. I have used vinegar like you mentioned too, but now I just make my fabric softener and spray on the clothes in the dryer. I don't like a lot of softener and this is usually just right for me. I do like the idea of the vinegar getting any leftover soap out though as I have found soap remaining on things a few times and had to rinse again.

Tam - My dh does that sometimes...goes too long without eating. He used to think it was good to get low, was proud of it LOL Took me a while to get through his head that it was stable you want not too high nor too low.

Wannabe - Straight vinegar. I usually eat the 45-50 cal type breads due to my diabetes and it's small too, but on this plan I don't have to and it counts the same. I actually like my little slices though most of time.

Lynn - Just now saw your other post. I'm glad you bought the hard copy because I agree with Tam the Nook version is not as convenient for this type of book. Good luck! It's really quite a flexible eating plan. I dip back and forth a bit between the regular and accelerated. Like last night my mac and cheese I counted as all three. I'm not sure what the author would say but to me even though by the plan cheese it is a protein, it's also a fat (see nutrition label and it's a fat for diabetics), and I also feel that is a very fat dish. Sometimes you just have to use your own judgement. She says this too esp with eating out.

I have to learn that those huge bagels at Winco are almost 4 carb servings! I ate another today...ok on 1-1-1 but not so good on my bs. So I tried having a ounce of cheese for my protein (instead of milk which is also a carb), but I couldn't eat it all. So that's another don't have to eat the whole allowed portion if you don't want it. I just felt too full and that's rare for me. This plan is simple but it is just complicated by having diabetes!

Karen3 - Praise God, I am so happy for you! Continue to take good care of yourself until you are completely healed.

Jess - I just let the washer fill up to normal, put soap in and washed as usual. the vinegar won't hurt anything and actually is a good "booster." With the few t-shirts, dh soaked, he threw out the vinegar water and then I put the shirts in with a load of whites and washed as usual.

Well we are about to leave all have a good day.

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