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Morning all,
It's Sunday again. I was busy yesterday went up the cable car and to the Kelburn shops. A friend at work had said there was a good deli/butcher up there and I found a German bakery, so got some good bread. Wasn't much else up there, apart from the bottle shop where I picked up a bottle of Italian Prosecco - sparkly wine - for a decent price.
Then I went to the apartment of a work mate who is back from training and we had a nice afternoon with a couple of wines, some snacky bits and pieces and I came home and watched a bit of footy and went to bed.
Today, after breakfast I intend to catch a bus out to Owhiro Bay and walk around the coastline to Lyall Bay or Island Bay. Haven't worked out which yet and maybe walk back into town from there. Feel like a trip to the sea.

So whichever area I go in, I'd better get cracking.

As for MFP Happy, I'm still there mostly. Missed a couple of day during the week and only half did it yesterday, but I will be back into it tonight. The program annoys me in that it states, after you have entered food and exercise and completed the day that if everyday was like that particular day, in 5 weeks you would weight xxxx. Well I have been there for 5 weeks and pretty much every day is like the one previous, and I have lost half a kilo - about 1lb. It lies.

Right I will be back tonight after my adventure through the wilderness and tell you what I have seen.
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