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Angry Hello guys! (Progress Pic #1)


Been a while since I've posted here. To be honest I had simply gotten to a point where I was happy and felt like I had hit a stride which no longer required assistance.

However over the last month and a half/two months it seems I have gained a little weight. My absolute lowest was 181 and I am at 191 right now. Not a huge amount but a warning sign.

Life has kinda sucked over the last two months. I moved, lost my job, and am finding zero time to go to the gym. Not to mention now that I actually have time to go to the gym I got a very bad ingrown toe nail which has been stopping me.

So the new goal is to reach 170 LBS and get back to the gym.

Now that I live with my Best Friend changing my eating habits is gonna be very hard. He refuses to eat healthier and I'm gonna have to make some sacrifices in order to get my *** in shape again. Took a progress pic today... Let's get this ball rolling again!

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