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Here is an article that sort of summarizes some of what I feel about Paleo:

The idea of eating like our ancestors ate is appealing to many. And, some people are sensitive to grains. I did gluten free for 30 days, grain free for 2 weeks and I'm not one of them. But, I know that some people are sensitive and report feeling much better without grains (which is why I did the gluten free thing for 30 days to see if I was one of them).

Bear in mind, that we can't totally eat like our ancestors ate because the available food now is not the same as then. Yes, people can buy grass fed beef and that may help, but that beef is still not the same as beef thousands of years ago.

Also, eating like our ancestors doesn't mean going out and eating a lot of processed red meat.

That is, one can eat Paleo with healthy foods or one can say that he or she is eating Paleo and eat foods that aren't so healthy.
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