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Battling Binge Eating
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Well, still binge free.

i went into the dr yesterday due to a cold and ended up being told I had gained more weight. 186.However, he thinks the extra few pounds are due to the fact that my blood pressure has gone way up.He asked if I had noticed any changes and then remembered that for over a week my rings haven't come off my fingers, ankles swollen etc. Dr says that is the new extra few pounds, however my overall weight is still up 30 lbs from a year ago. I go back on the 13th, if still high he will add a blood pressure med until it comes down.

For me the extra weight is what always causes it. I have a family history of high blood pressure so when I get heavier the weight comes on and the blood pressure goes up. He isn't too upset weight wise but mentioned it several times telling me to watch it, my blood sugar levels are continuing to go up as well. Before I lost all the weight I had in the past i was on meds for blood sugar and pressure.

I was a mess and I'm heading that way. I can't keep gaining. I don't understand why I am. I did bring up to him that I haven't exercised really all winter, my back injury has been horrendous the last couple of months, no walking at all, so I'm basically just working and occasionally going to the store . I usually walk all year long but I am in so much pain all I am doing is running to the chiropractor lately.

I am trying not to focus on the weight or the way I look to much but it is depressing to be honest to see that saggy butt and thighs now, it wasn't that way before. I try to not dwell on it and remind myslf that it will go away and not get worse, then that voice in my head gets going and I try to ignore it, no eating wont feel better no matter what it says to me, I have to believe what I know is true and not what that voice tells me..but the weight just keep piling on.
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