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Morning all. I just had my massage. Aaaah. Wonderful. Bf is in getting his now, hope he likes it too.

Doc appt yest. was fine. I agreed to a blood draw to test for my vit d levels. I might have mentioned before, my ob-gyn is sort of an aggressive practice when it comes to offering additional services...but they did know it had been 10 year as since my tetanus shot...good she mentioned it, but I declined the booster and said I'd have my primary do it. I see her next mo. Now just waiting on my usual (pap) test results, and need to make a mammo appt.

Went to the thrift shop after the doc appt. Bought a few kitchen gadgets - two small stainless steel funnels since all I have is a large-ish one; a hand held citrus reamer, and a potsticker (or dumpling) crimper. Kind of interested in making some if those, or maybe some crab rangoon, yum. Also bought a nice pair of newish Lee jeans a size smaller and they fit perfectly. But they are also a long size, so I will give it a go with hemming them. For $1 invested, i will take the chance. I did some research and there's actually a technique in which you leave the original hem intact and shorten the leg length with a row of stitching right along the top of the original hem and it's nearly invisible.

Nice long dogwalk in the sun & mild temps.

I Bought a pair of headphones at best buy - we'll see how they work out for me.

Lunch was the middle eastern place, yum. Stopped at a different thrift shop on the way home. It advertised via a coupon packet. Ick, high prices and nothing special at all. Glad we didn't go out of our way to visit that place.

Dinner with my friends was nice, but the noise level was louder than I'd liked. Oh well. Good pizza & to see the girls.

Gonna post before I lose this. Back tomorrow with personals. Every have a nice Saturday/ Sunday.

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