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Hi again.

I found the Beck book very helpful too. You can use it with any diet. I briefly went to The Beck group here on 3fc, Then on 3fc Iheard about IP. And then an old friend of mine that was visiting had lost a lot of weight - IP. So then I went on it. I never thought I would be able to lose as much weight as I did before IP.

My husband would never eat the "powders" either but he's very supportive of me losing weight. And he does the regular part, dinner with protein, vegetables and salads. He lost 10-15 lbs. himself so he's all for it.

Besides being a carb/fat addict I'm also an emotional eater. I've got a million excuses but sometimes you just need what you need. the thing I learned from one of Bethenny Frankel's book is to just stop! If you've had 3 bites or 3 lbs, don't think, "well, I've blown it. I might as well: 1. keep eating carbs, 2.finish the bag or box, etc." That's what I did unfortunately. Finished the bags!
I look forward to getting to know you. Good luck everyone!

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